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Your Friend’s DUI Arrest: Three Things You Should Know

Police fight driving under the influence (“DUI”) crime more than any other crime. This means it is very likely that someone you know may have recently been arrested for DUI.

If you want to help your friend, here are 3 things you should pass along:

#1) 10-DAY RULE.

Your friend only has 10 days to request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV"). If not, your friend’s license will automatically be suspended for at least 4 months (a.k.a. 16 weeks). They may not be able to get to work, school, or even to pick up their kids from school or practice.

Tip #1 for your friend: immediately contact the Law Office of Patrick Santos the week after the arrest. Some people like to wait to have their nerves calm before talking to a lawyer, especially if they just spent a few nights in jail. Tell your friend not to wait more than the week after the arrest to contact us, unless driving for 4 months doesn’t matter to your friend. That is not likely, however.



Few would disagree, your car radio is for dancing and/or singing along on the freeway while in traffic … not for finding an attorney. If your friend was desperate enough to call into The Woody Show to find a lawyer, you will be doing them the biggest favor by simply passing the Law Office of Patrick Santos’ office number for a free consult at (310) 424-3050.

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, nor should they let friends hire the “DUI Destroyer” or “No-Cuffs, unless your into that sort of thing” lawyers.


It is 2016, so this should really not be difficult to find. Sure, a dismissal would be great, but beware of lawyers making general promises, like “we are the best DUI Lawyers in California", or "we will work to achieve the best possible results on your behalf", or "we are the premier firm of experienced DUI attorneys", or "top dismissal rate", or "I will fight hard to get you good results", or "the best DUI attorney Los Angeles has to offer", etc. blah blah blah.

These are what we call "nothing statements", because they lack any insight into what you should expect. Tip #3 for your friend in hiring a DUI attorney: do not settle for intentionally vague and unintelligible prior results representations. We will never tell you "we are the best" because that means nothing. When you see statements like that elsewhere, recognize it for what it is.

Instead, look for attorneys with real people giving real thanks for helping them with their DUI. For example, take a look at what our clients say about us, and quickly see why we call ourselves Southern California’s most loved DUI and traffic ticket law office.


Patrick Santos is a DUI attorney in Los Angeles, covering all of Southern California. He is the sole owner of The Ticket Dump, an organic Southern California law office that sets the bar in DUI defense. Contact him at (310) 424-3050, or anonymously by using a contact form.

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